What clients have said

"I work as a GP and would absolutely encourage patients or friends to go through this programme should the need arise." (Jan 2014)

"She (the trained volunteer) was absolutely amazing. Having someone along my side, guiding me through this horrible and difficult time was very important and very helpful. My volunteer has changed my life. I am very grateful." (April 2014)

"I was initially sceptical about the course but I was so desperate for help and felt trapped by my feelings about the abortion. I was given the tools to break down and understand my emotions and in doing so have been able to reflect and move forward. Articulating my thoughts to somebody who doesn't know me has been invaluable in coming to terms with what happened." (Oct 2014)

"I have been helped to accept my abortion and shown how to go through my own grieving process." (Sept 2015)

"I learnt to understand my feelings and process everything in a healthy way at my own pace." (Dec 2015)

"The course has helped me to cope with feelings, emotions and difficulties surrounding my abortion decisions. The steps were organised really well and allowed me to take time to evaluate my feelings.Thank you." (Apr 2016)

"I have gained self confidence through doing the programme. It is reassuring knowing that others have gone through the same experiance and felt similar things." (Apr 2016)

“I came here today feeling that an abortion was the only answer to my confusion, you have helped me see my problems in a clearer way and allowed me to look at everything again. Now I can imagine my future with a baby” (Feb 2018)

Last week a client who had just completed the post-abortion course said
“I am beginning to allow myself to feel again and am much more self-aware”
She went on to comment on her relationship saying
“Previously we were just grieving together, now it feels like we are actually living together” (Feb 2018)

Please note that we are not able to refer directly for termination. We offer clients information on all the options and are well-resourced to provide both immediate and long term support as necessary, directing to other agencies as appropriate.